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Recreational Program

Recreational Training Academy information

Fair Oaks Soccer Club (FOSC) is offering a Soccer Training Academy program for the fall 2020 season. This program has been developed and implemented for the FOSC competitive soccer teams, and we are extending it to the recreational players. This program is compliant with local and state guidelines as well as US Soccer Play On guidelines that have established for youth sports activities.

The restrictions placed upon sports activities and social distancing are forcing us to restrict our academy program to players who are born between 2002 and 2012. We regret that we are not able to offer a micro-soccer academy for this fall given the guidelines. We are hoping that we will be able have U6/U8 soccer again in the fall of 2021.

Our training academy will be focused on developing skills, being outdoors, and having fun. Please read the information below regarding details of the fall FOSC Training Academy.


FOSC Training Academy:

Registration opens:  Monday July 20th @ 7am 

Registration closes:  closed when seats fill

Camp start date:  Monday, August 17th

Cost:   $60.00 per player

Location:  Phoenix Park


Schedule* and Duration:

Camps on:  Monday / Wednesday

Camps on:  Tuesday / Thursday

Time slots:  from 4pm - 8pm

Duration:  10 weeks

Each FOSC Training Academy group (pod) will get two, one-hour sessions per week. The group (pod) will stay together for the duration of the academy training period.

* Schedule is limited due to coach availability



Players will be grouped closely by age, we will do our best to honor player/group requests.


We cannot take requests for certain days or time slots. 

Each pod consists of 9 players plus 1 trainer per session

Registration is first come, first serve.

Pods may be coed depending upon availability.

FOSC Coaches participating will get 2 sessions of 3C training before starting AND an on field session, as requested with the FOSC Director of Training or Director of Coaching.


Volunteer Request:

FOSC is a community-based organization that is run by volunteers. We have reached out to our existing coaches for their help with this program. FOSC is looking for additional volunteers who would be willing to participate in the Academy program. If you are interested and would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please reach out to Kelly Heskett, ( or Art Fisher (

The registration form will be posted on Monday, July 20th @ 7am.

Thank you.


Kelly Heskett - Rec Program Registrar

Art Fisher - Rec Program Coordinator 


Please read the following info before registering your player(s)

  • All new players  must upload a birth certificate and photo. No hats or sunglasses in the photo, please. We need a head shot type photo.
  • You must register within your child's true age group based on birthdate. If you are requesting a play up, please indicate this on your form. 


Online Registration:  April 1 - May 31  Postponed 
*This season, new players will need to upload a copy of his/her birth certificate. Returning players should not need to upload a birth document unless prompted.

New and returning players may register online starting April 1stRegistration Closes MAY 31st During registration, please be prepared to upload a digital photo of your child for their player pass. The photo should be in .jpg, .jpeg or .bmp format, no larger than 3 MB. The best shots are of the face and shoulders; no hats or sunglasses, please.




2020 Age Group Matrix 

Teams are formed according to the age and gender of your child (Under 6 teams are co-ed).  Check your child’s birth date below to determine which age group he/she will play in.


Under 6 1/01/2016 -   08/01/2016
1/01/2015 – 12/31/2015
Under 8 1/01/2014 – 12/31/2014
1/01/2013 – 12/31/2013
Under 10  1/01/2012 – 12/31/2012
1/01/2011 – 12/31/2011
Under 12 1/01/2010 – 12/31/2010
1/01/2009 – 12/31/2009
Under 14 1/01/2008 – 12/31/2008
1/01/2007 – 12/31/2007
Under 16 1/01/2006 – 12/31/2006
1/01/2005 – 12/31/2005
Under 19 1/01/2004 – 12/31/2004
1/01/2003 – 12/31/2003
1/01/2002 – 12/31/2002


Registration Fees:
 Your registration fee covers: insurance for each soccer player, field fees, referee fees, game ball, and the basic photo package on photo day (individual & team photo).  The required uniform is a separate fee.

Scroll down to find additional information.


Recreational Program - Registration Information


DUE TO COVID19 THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES TO OUR 2020 FALL SEASON DESCRIBED BELOW. FOSC thanks you in advance for your continued loyalty and patience during this pandemic.

Our Recreational program is available for everyone who wants to play. There are no tryouts or prerequisites.  If you register your child during regular registration, we will get them on a team. We try to keep players together on the same team each year. In the upper age groups, as our number of players starts to decline, we try to keep the number of players balanced across teams to make them all competitive. As the children get older, the number of players on a team increases as they begin playing on larger fields and play longer games. Registration will continue as long as there is space available on a team for your child and coaches can be secured. You are encouraged to register as early as possible.  Below are the requirements to register, the fees and additional information regarding registration and the Rec Program.

Please REad Prior to registering!

 Requests to Play With Team/Coach/Friend

FOSC makes every effort to give special consideration to your request to play with a specific team, coach and/or friend (if in your age bracket), but we cannot guarantee your request.   All requests are kept confidential.  Please indicate any requests during registration. Any requests received after the teams are formed will not be considered.



Practices for the Recreational program begin in August.  Typically, practices are two nights a week on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday and either early (between 4:00 - 6:00 PM) or late (between 6:00 - 8:00 PM).  Where your child practices will depend on the age group and the size of the field.  Our practice locations include sites such as LeGette Elementary School, Fair Oaks Elementary School, Orangevale Open School, Littlejohn Elementary School, Dewey Elementary School and Phoenix Park fields.

The coach of each team submits preferences for practice days, practice times (early or late), and practice locations.  Our Field Coordinator then attempts to balance the requests to honor them as best as possible. We have more than 60 teams, so not all coaches get their first preference.  Unfortunately, parents do not have the ability to select teams based upon any of these factors.  

With approximately 900 players in our club, we are unable to entertain requests from individuals for specific practice schedules or locations.  Any requests for specific practice fields  or practices days/times will not be considered. If your child is placed on a team and the days/times do not work out for you, you can request a refund before the first practice. Please see our refund policy below.


Online Registration 
Returning Players: You will be able to access player records and update contact information.
New Players:  New players will need to submit a birth certificate copy and you will be required to upload a digital photo of your child for their player pass.
New Players: Please provide a non-returnable copy of the player’s Certificate of Live Birth, issued from the player's county and country of birth.  A copy of the player’s passport is also an acceptable document.  This document is required before registration can proceed.  "Birth Certificates" issued by hospitals or church baptismal certificates are not documents accepted by the California Youth Soccer Association. 

Team Assignment

Recreational teams are formed over the summer months.  Practices can begin after August 1.  Your child’s coach should contact you by late July/early August for practice and team information.


The playing season begins in September and each team will play 10 games scheduled on Saturdays, running until just before Thanksgiving.  There is a BYE weekend the last Saturday in September and no games will be played.  Games are normally played in the mornings or early afternoons.  

Teams are placed into divisions in an attempt to place teams with other teams that are similar in skill and ability.  In the middle of the season, we assess the scores and records thus far to see which teams may need to move up or down a division to give them the level of competition that is right for that team.  We want all players to experience the joy of victory in some games, but we also try to balance the abilities of the teams so that your child is in an environment in which he/she can compete. This is not an exact science as we must perform this balancing act across multiple soccer clubs within our League.

Each child is to play at least 50% of each game, and we highly encourage the coaches to play each child at different positions to let them experience all aspects of the game.  Click here to review our Fair Play policy.


Play Up Requests

FOSC strongly discourages “playing up” an age group, but the Board will review all requests for playing up on a case by case basis.  A player cannot play up more than one age group bracket (i.e. U12 to U14 will be considered, but U12 to U16 will not).  Please submit your Play Up Request in writing at the time of registration stating the reason(s) why you believe your child should play up.  The written Play Up Request must be signed by the player's parent/guardian.  Once the request is reviewed by the Board, you will be notified by the Registrar if the request was granted or denied.  Playing down to a lower age group is prohibited.

Club Refund Policy 
Once a player application has been accepted and the player has been assigned to a team, withdrawal requests must made in writing by email ( with full details of the player's name, date of birth, address and phone number. Refund requests will be processed the following way: 
All proper refund requests received prior to August 1 will be honored with a full refund of paid registration fee, minus a $20 administration charge per player.  As of August 1,  proper refund requests will be refunded at 50% of paid amount for each player, which will include the administration charge.  No refunds will be given after August 31, except for late registrants who cannot be placed on an open team of our selection.  If we cannot place a late enrolling player on a team, the registration fee will be returned. 


For any additional questions regarding the registration process, please contact the registrar at

Uniforms and Soccer Balls!


Uniforms & Equipment Needed

Uniforms are available for the 2019 rec season at Soccer Pro.

Soccer Pro is located at 11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628.

You can also order on their website at

Each player must also purchase shin guards and cleats at any sporting goods store and we highly recommend that each player purchase his/her own soccer ball to bring to practice and for practicing at home. 


Soccer Ball Sizes

U6 & U8 = size 3                   

U10 & U12 = size 4 

U14 & above = size 5 

I am interested in coaching my child's team!

Coaching Opportunities

If you wish to coach for FOSC, you may check the box on the registration form or complete our Coaching Interest Form and Program Manager will contact you with more information.  You do not need any special qualifications or experience to coach a recreational team.  FOSC holds a coaching clinic before the season begins, typically at the end of July.  The coaching clinic will teach you how to coach a youth soccer team, offer suggestions for practice drills, and suggest techniques that you may use for your own practices.  Visit the Coach's Corner for more information. Our Club relies solely on parent volunteers as coaches – please consider volunteering your time for this fun and rewarding position.